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First eToro Bibliography

Updated: Feb 11, 2018

Dear you,

My primary goal is to put your and my money safe and benefit a long-term growth coming from mostly non-leveraged and diversified equity (No trading fees!). Therefore I recommend a minimum of $500, and a period of at least 6 months to start copying. Please copy my open trades.

My simple but solid strategy:

I invest long-term by diversifying in stocks within sectors/activities which I believe are to benefit good growth like Sustainable energy, Waste & water mgt., IoT, Big Data, Gaming, Blockchain, IT security, Automation, Advanced materials,...Review of selected stocks every 6 months, or earlier if necessary.* I apply the Optimal Portfolio Theory on that selection to minimise risk, aiming a target return of 45%/yr.

*I am open to suggestions: If you believe a stock/sector/activity will grow and should be added, please share and ask. I’ll be happy to discuss with you!

Kind regards,

Your investor

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