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Review 2019 - 2020 Forecast

Hi all,

In my last review, I mentionned that 2019 would be a difficult year for the same reasons 2018 was a difficult year. Yet, despite the persisting difficulties, 2019 turned out to be a good year for the bulls. 

It is clear however, that markets are still very volatile, and investors should really pick their stocks wisely. As an illustration, in 2019, I have won over 80% and lost more than 30% both with $BYND, in this same year. Remember that for a 50% loss, you should make up with a 100% gain and vice versa.

The difficult picks in stock I had to made in combination with the increased volatility, made that I finish close to par with the $SPX500's performance, yet well below my personal target of 45%. On the other hand, one of the main targets was to reduce my overall risk level, which I successfully achieved. The last months I had a risk level higher than 4 were in february 2018 and as such, my last twelve month's overall risk level will decrease to a medium 4 again on february 1st.

In 2019, I both successfully achieved a postgraduate's degree in Finance, as well as a course on technical trading. Especially on the latter I would like to dedicate a couple of pages on this site and introduce my readers to the basics of it. Besides, I have started publishing reviews on specific stocks on a monthly basis so to keep my followers up to date. 

My outlook for 2020 remains basically the same as it was for 2019. We still go through uncertain conditions like Brexit, US impeachment procedure, China and Russia trying to strengthen their position on the global scene... On the other hand, interest rates remain historically low, which keep stock prices relatively high, trade deals are being negotiated, the climate change offers many opportunities on the stock market,...

eToro is not all about the results, but also about the social and the learning. I remember from my first days as an investor that I still had a lot of questions and doubts, and I imagine some people might have that same feeling. As an eToro investor, I am not only here to deliver results, but also be there for you to answer your questions and help you out! So if you have anything you’re wondering about, don’t hesitate and shoot!

I would like to thank everyone who kept copying me during this year for their trust.

Looking forward to an eventful 2020! Merry x-mas and a happy New Year!

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